1.1 'LI' means Light Initiative.

1.2 'The Hirer' means the company, firm or individual, contracting with LI for the hire of equipment.

1.3 'The Equipment' means anything LI agrees to provide to the Hirer as detailed in correspondence.

1.4 'The Site' means the premises or site specified by the Hirer where the Equipment is to be used.


2.1 These terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts for the hire of the Equipment by LI to the Hirer to the exclusion of all

other terms and conditions referred to, offered or relied on by the Hirer unless the Hirer specifically states in writing, separately

from such terms, that it wishes such terms to apply and this has been acknowledged by the company in writing.

2.2 LI reserve the right to use any footage or other material obtained during the project for promotional purposes, including LI’s

online portfolio.

2.3 Unless definite fixed delivery dates or a fixed period of delivery are expressly agreed in writing in individual cases, the dates or

periods of delivery quoted should be regarded as guidelines which LI will endeavor to comply with. LI shall not be held liable for

any loss whatsoever arising out of delay by LI.

2.4 By accepting the Equipment at the site (or collecting from LI), the Hirer is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions stated herein

unless otherwise agreed in writing.


3.1 To use the Equipment in a skilful and proper manner and not use the Equipment for any purpose beyond its capacity.

3.2 The Hirer shall be responsible for any damage or loss arising from the continued use of Equipment in an unsafe condition.

3.3 To ensure the security and safekeeping of the Equipment for the duration of the hire period.

3.4 To immediately inform LI of any breakdown or loss and allow LI access to inspect, repair or replace the Equipment or any

problem affecting the working Equipment.

3.5 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by LI, the Hirer must keep the Equipment in its own possession at the Site.

3.6 To return the Equipment in the same condition as supplied to the Hirer, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Equipment not

returned, or returned damaged so as to be beyond economical repair will be charged for at the current full price (prices

available on request).


4.1 Delivery is as per quotation provided by LI.

4.2 Upon delivery of the Equipment, any defects or dissatisfaction must be notified immediately to LI and confirmed in writing

within 2 working days. In the absence of such notification the Equipment shall be deemed to be in good order in accordance

with the terms of the contract and to the Hirer’s satisfaction.


The Hirer shall be responsible for insuring the Equipment against loss, damage or theft. The Equipment shall be insured for the

current full price (prices available on request).


6.1 Where there is no fixed period of hire, the period of hire may be terminated by either party giving to the other 7 days notice in

writing and the Hirer’s obligations under this agreement shall continue until the Equipment is returned to LI.

6.2 The contract of hire may be terminated if the Hirer fails to pay the hire charge or the Hirer is in breach of any of the conditions

of hire.


7.1 The quotation is for the dates and job  specifications originally provided.   Where possible, LI will accommodate changes to the production schedule.   However significant changes to the job specification and/or dates where crew are assigned will incur additional charges in line with cancellation costs below.

7.2 In the event of cancellation of the hire agreement by the Hirer, the following costs will be incurred:

7.2.1 Any deposit paid is non refundable.

7.2.2 50% of the agreed full hire price will be charged for cancellation within 30 days of the hire period.

7.2.3 100% of the agreed full hire price will be charged for cancellation within 7 days of the hire period.


8.1 All Equipment is hired on the basis of payment in accordance with payment terms as stated on the quotation provided.

8.2 Failure to return the Equipment at the end of the hire period will result in:

8.2.1 Additional days during which the Equipment is not available to be hired out by LI being charged to the Hirer at the full Hire Rate.

8.2.2 The Hirer indemnifying LI against damages, costs and any losses incurred by LI as a result of the Hirer failing to return the

equipment at the end of the hire period. Any Equipment that needs to be replaced will be charged for in full.


9.1 In the purchase of equipment, all items remain the property of LI until payment is received in full. LI retains the right to recover

the equipment in the case of any default on the agreed payment terms.